Peterbald breed

Hairless Peterbald cats are unique. Only this breed has a few coat types. The coats may change as cats age. Peterbalds have "undressing gene" or another word hairless gene. This gene is dominant.  Sphynx are genetically not relative to Peterbalds and Sphinx's gene is recessive. What does it mean? If over cross Spynx's with a usual domestic cat - all kittens in a litter will be with fur. If mate Peterbald with a straight coated cat, almost all kittens in a litter inherit the hairless gene.  Peterbalds are an elegant, extremely intelligent and healthy breed.  


Rare cat Breed Peterbald

They look unusual - Very large ears, curious smart almond shape eyes. Their standard is very close to Oriental short hair. It's because they were crossed with this breed. They have a long narrow body and tall legs, triangle face with a straight line of the nose. A body is very strong and muscular. There is a joke that "Thanks to a hairless gene, the breed acquired dog's personality" loyalty, and they have the ability to be trained. They are very attached to their owner and full of love. Some people call Peterbald's personality - sweet, Very affectionate breed, always purring when you pat them or cuddle with them. Some of them are talkative. If you say something to them they will reply. Once you have lived with a Peterbald, life will never be the same. We have a few clients who purchased one kitten from us in some time asked for one or even two more. They really have an amazing connection with human and can feel your pain.


Why they named Peterbald

The breed was invented in St.Petersburg Russia and cats are almost bald. They have also another name Petersburg's Sphinx. 

Rare kittens
Peterbald Breed

Families  &  Pets

We are Peterbald breeder and believe that our cats are part of the family and deserve love. Peterbalds are friendly and faithful as dogs. They find harmony with other pets in your home. For example, a family with three small noisy children bought a girl kitten from our cattery. We worried that the kitten will not feel comfortable and also were afraid that kids could be scratched by her when they grab her roughly. Fortunately, the smart Peterbald adjusted a new environment and was never cruel to kids. Other three Peterbald boys were taken in a family with two dogs and a few other cats of a different breed. All tree Peterbalds chose the dogs. They sleep, play, and eat with them. As probably they think that they are dogs. (Joke).

Peterbald Breeder

Are they different?

Peterbalds usually have a good character, they are friendly, curious, intelligent, and very active. Peterbald loves all members of his family and needs to communicate with people; They do not belong to independent cats. Peterbalds get along well with other cats and other pets, as well as get along well with children. They are not vindictive.    all this makes Peterbalds excellent cats-companions.
By nature, they are very different from ordinary cats. There are a lot of dog features in their character. Also tied to the owner, responded to the name, and will come if they are called.  


Kittens go to a new home with vet approval, vaccinated and provided with a breeder certificate


Peterbalds are sweet-tempered, peaceful, curious, smart, and energetic. They are medium vocally and tend to follow their owners and always be with them. Peterbalds live in harmony.